Friday, March 16, 2012

More beaver damage and some elk

Here is a better photo of the dammed overflow. (I think I spelled damned wrong)  After looking at the beaver dam on the overflow, I think I need some thing more than manual labor.
Up there in the middle is a herd of elk watching the water go down.
Here is the damage!
 That cut is about six feet deep and growing.

This is more than the beavers can repair. I don't think they are very smart. They all need to be turned into hats.


  1. dig out the dam and then spotlight and shoot them when they rebuild it. It is a PIA as you have to dig it out once a day. You can't buy the right kind of fertilizer anymore to take care of the problem properly.
    What we need is two or three weeks of temps in the teens. I makes it a lot easier to shoot them when they come out on the ice.

    1. The traps are going out today as well.