Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A few more game cam pics

We took Daisy for a walk and changed the cards on a couple of the cameras. 

 The whole herd was there, but this guy above, decided to lick and or blow and fog up the camera for the rest of the photos.

 A couple of geese in the overflow and some widgeon (I think) and mallards.

 Looking for voles.

I must say that although this camera tends to start shooting non-stop when it gets below 30*s, it does pick up movement from pretty far away in good weather. The other newer cameras don't seem to have this problem.  The animals in general have been showing up more often in the day lately, but most of the shots are still during the night. The elk always show up, day or night.


  1. Interesting animal shots. Its true some models of Bushnell had the "runaway sensor" problem. My first one did and I returned it for a newer model which worked fine.

  2. I love the first three pics, great shots.

    1. Thanks! However, they were self portraits of course.