Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beaver Kills Man in Belarus

Kind of cute isn't he?
The tragic incident stemmed from the man’s love of photography: He and his two fishermen friends spotted the animal walking down a country road and decided to take a picture with it, local media reported.
The beaver was complacent at first, but suddenly snapped and attacked one of the fishers, biting him on the thigh deeply enough to cut through the femoral artery...
What is it with tourists that just have to have their picture taken with those cuddly looking bears, deer, elk, beaver, (insert (possibly rabid) animal here)?  The fellow with the beaver bite and his friends unfortunately didn't know enough first aid to put on a tourniquet and he didn't make it. 
Somehow I doubt the wisdom of getting close and personal with a critter that can chop down a pretty large tree over night, small as it may be when compared with a bear.

Hello nice bear!
While I am on the subject, I must confess that I have had very little luck with acquiring the makings of my beaver hat. 
I will try again on the 7th when they are celebrating and perhaps catch them unaware.
I would just like them to all move elsewhere. 


  1. Amazing how careless some people can be around animals. If I got that close to one of those critters I'd want to have the 12 gauge in hand, not a camera. I know, some will see them as cute furry animals but for my farming operation they are a major pest that cause me much expense and extra aggravation.

    1. Also amazing that someone would not realize that a nocturnal animal, showing no fear of humans, and walking around in the open during the day, might just possibly have rabies.