Friday, April 12, 2013


And for those that argue...."they aren't going to take your guns away"

New York tells legal gun owner to hand over weapons

On Fox news, and yes, there is an ad, but I just turned the sound off for it.
Despite promises from the president and a host of other politicians who are pushing for more gun control that nobody is coming for your guns, the confiscation of guns and gun permits has apparently started in some form in New York State. One attorney representing several people who have been forced to surrender their guns spoke with TheBlaze and alerted us to some disturbing facts:
  • Gun owners are losing their 2nd Amendment rights without due process.
  • HIPAA Laws are likely being compromised and the 4th and 5th Amendments are being violated in some of these cases
How did confiscation start happening so quickly? Apparently the gun grabbing was triggered by something inside the NY SAFE Act — New York’s new gun law — that has a provision apparently mandating confiscation of weapons and permits if someone has been prescribed psychotropic drugs.
To the letter of the law, this would include the anaesthetics I was given prior to my recent appendectomy.
One more reason not to pass knee-jerk, feel-good laws, that accomplish little if anything they were intended to do, and create a costly, legal nightmare. The state is currently involved in a lawsuit. The beginning of a police state starts with laws like this. 
New York is a "may-issue" state, in that the individual licensing official (typically a local police chief or sheriff) has discretion to issue a license or permit to possess handguns.

The varied New York licensing and permit authorities has resulted in confusing handgun licensing policies, which a licensee must nevertheless abide by when outside the jurisdiction of permit issuing authority. For example, regardless of license, all New York residents with a concealed carry permit must still obtain a New York State Pistol License, apply for a purchase document for each handgun purchased, and may possess only those handguns the license holder has registered with the state.[5][6]
Of all the states that issue carry pistol licenses, New York State has arguably the strictest handgun licensing policies in the nation.[9] New York City, which is effectively a "no-issue" jurisdiction for carry pistol licenses,[10] has even stricter laws, including those regulating handguns exclusively kept at home, thereby making it difficult to virtually impossible for ordinary citizens to obtain, possess, or carry firearms lawfully within New York City.[11]
The constitutionality of many of New York's restrictive firearms laws, including the newly-enacted SAFE Act, are being challenged by lawsuits at the state and federal levels.


  1. It is a tragedy about the gun violence that has been happening and I can understand a lot of people's concerns but I think they are getting carried away with some (only some) of these new guns laws that are being passed.

    1. Agreed, but this is what happens when people demand action of their elected officials without considering fully the consequences of what they are demanding. Their representatives don't want to lose votes and being lawyers, write more laws haphazardly figuring they will fix them at a later date. It keeps them employed at the taxpayer's expense, and creates more litigation for their peers.