Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kestrel banding for Father's day!!

When we painted and fixed up the exterior of the old farm house, we closed up the hole in the wall (no doubt a gift from a flicker), that the kestrels have been using to nest in. I put up a box on a nearby tree and they decided that it was a good enough substitute. (We figured one hive of bees in the walls was enough without adding birds).
My old friend from Bend Jim Anderson and his wife Sue dropped by unexpectedly yesterday. After visiting the bee hives, I mentioned that the Kestrels by the house had babies, he just happened to have a set of #3B bands in his truck. What are the chances of that happening?
Sue did the honors & passed them down one at a time. After Jim banded them, we carried them back up to the box.

One actually closed his eyes and took a short nap on his back.

There were five of the little cuties.

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