Thursday, November 19, 2020

American patriots open your eyes!


Notice how they’re only contesting the presidential election results, and not the Senate or House, even though they were all voted for on the same ballot?

If the democrats really were behind some kind of great conspiracy and  really wanted to take all the power, they would have flipped the senate and padded the House of Representatives.

Voting twice? It is ludicrous to think that hundreds of thousands of Democrats would migrate or not be seen doing so, to vote in a second state during the Covid pandemic. I could possibly see Trump’s anti-maskers doing this, but Democrats?

Trump lost despite all his attempts to sabotage the election. The true American  patriots have spoken and elected Mr. Biden!

 Patriotic Americans should be outraged at Trump's misuse of our democracy, if for no other thing, and there are plenty of other reasons to abhor this con man.

The big irony here, is that all these American patriots flying Trump flags, are supporting the autocrat they have been arming themselves to fight. If they would only open their eyes and look at this from an objective viewpoint. 

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