Saturday, July 6, 2013

The buck stops here! The Saturday gamecam photo

A nice blacktail buck and a Really nice blacktail buck.  At least for around here. 
click to enlarge

The mineral block seems to be helping! I am not a hunter. I am somewhat of a shooter, and like to do some long range shooting, but I leave these guys alone. A spike elk every couple of years gives us more than enough meat for the freezer. I don't trophy hunt, but then I am fortunate in that unlike most people, I am able to live amongst them. I am happier seeing these guys show up on the game camera or occasionally getting a glimpse of them in the woods (rarely the big ones). Pulling the game camera cards is like getting a Christmas gift every week. I never know what will be on them, and the big bulls and bucks are a special treat. 


  1. Nice Buck alright. I've never shot one other than with camera. I have been slipping lately and not had my camera turned on.

  2. No elk here since the 1870's so whether or not I'd shoot is moot. Have taken the long bow after deer off and on but mostly for the fine and fancy ramble. On the other side of it, deer do frequently take their shots at me as I travel. Three have connected. Have seen a semi taken down by an elk in Montana.

    1. Payback. A semi took me out in Colorado. Rearender. Rolled twice.

    2. Glad you're still on the traffic side of the graveyard fence. Some of those Colorado ditches are a thousand feet down.