Saturday, May 12, 2012


Yes indeed it is a beautiful morning! But still damp enough that my mower keeps clogging up from the knee high grass around the house that greeted me when I came home. Minor I know, compared to some peoples problems. This morning my wife informed me that I should vote. My tendency is to vote out the incumbents before they make too many friends on the side.  One candidate for county commissioner says her focus will be on "agri-tourism" as it is "an important job creating industry". Somehow I have a feeling that it will only benefit the local wineries. I don't see limo loads of wealthy people dropping in to the Lazy Farmer's place for a lecture on when hay should be cut. Something I personally found most interesting. What bothers me about the wine industry here, is that they have stripped the forested hills of all vegetation and then planted only grape vines,which they then fence in to keep any animals out. What they use, is land that traditionally has not been farmable, and in the past was mostly only good for the local native flora and fauna. Enough said.