Saturday, May 31, 2014

A nice swarm from Canby

I got a call about 5pm today asking if I wanted a swarm. Seems it was about five feet off the ground and described as the size of a basketball. We got there about six and it had settled in with very few bees flying. It had formed about a half hour before I got the call. I pulled all but four frames out of the box to make room for them. They slid around, but I was able to hold them with my left hand as I shook the tree and got the majority of them in the box. My first swarm away from home.

 A nice size swarm! It half filled the 10 frame deep.

 Eventually they all crawled in to join the queen.


  1. Nice!!! That is a good sized one too. Still haven't heard a rumor of a swarm here in weeks. Not sure what is going on except I guess Winter was just so bad that losses must have been high.