Monday, August 31, 2015

Elk still hanging around

They were here all day. This is a shot of a few of them in the field up above the barn. . They finished off the rest of our cucumbers last night and cleaned up a bunch of apples and pears.
Click on an image to see them in all their elkiness. It truly is an Elky Summer. 

The calves in this bunch were below the house at the pond with a cow or two when we came out this afternoon & clearly distressed, as the bulk of the herd was up near the woods. After a lot of squeeking from both groups,  the bulls went down & rounded them up.

Here's a couple of earlier shots
Raw, no PP.

The shot below is cropped. Still pretty sharp! I'm impressed with the new D750.


  1. So does fencing keep them out at all or are they like the deer around here no fence is tall enough to keep em from jumping over?

    1. They just jump it. The electric fence just gets shorted out one way or the other.