Friday, February 12, 2016

I have a swarm trap full of bees!!! Viewed with the FLIR One

This is a 6 frame swarm trap which I left alone with a swarm in it to see if it would over winter. It was nearing fall & I didn't want them to have to rebuild comb, so I left them alone as an experiment. It was time to change the camera cards in a couple of game cams & I thought I would justify the FLIR ONE purchase & use it to check out the trap.

Much to my surprise it is full of bees! The display has a range of color combinations I can use. This one shows the entire box hot with the main cluster on the right 1/2 which is normal, as that is where the entrance is. They were flying in & out.

Left side

 Right side

 Bottom view

The Willys MB

It seems I have more hives that I thought I had.


  1. They may die yet before the nectar flows start. Have you thought about feeding them a little?

  2. That is pretty interesting. i'd like to try it on the baler and see where the hot spots are.