Friday, February 12, 2016

FLIR ONE Hive check

The FLIR ONE Generation 2 is a small infrared camera that plugs into a smart phone. 
It can't be beat for checking hives in the winter when you don't want to open them.

As usual, click one to enlarge,

Some of the hives 

Looks like the feral hive in the wall upstairs is also doing well! 
(to the right of the window)

The top bar swarm that moved in.

Useful for finding anything putting out heat. It can even register the output of a single insect.
A honey bee entering the top bar hive.
(the little white spec)

This is an alder bug on the window


  1. These are wonderful pics, and shows me great tool. How/where did you get a "Generation 2" Flir One? I am seeing delays from 1 to 5 months for delivery. (You lucky dog.) Even on Flir website. Any suggestions on how to reliably get one before "mid-summer?"

    1. Check out the Home Depot website and do a search for it. I got the last Android one in Newberg, Or. They were sold out everywhere else, but the iphone versions are available.

    2. Thank you, Muddy, for your great assist, stellar blog. Flir One's old out online, except Home Depot like you said. Mine supposed to arrive in few days (not months, e.g., AMZN). How do you know if you're looking at Gen-2 vs. Gen-1?

    3. Gen. 1 is self contained & about the size of a phone. Gen 2 is small (about 3cmx2cmx6.5cm) & plugs into the phone.