Thursday, April 7, 2016

The feral house hive has grown

This has grown a lot in the last couple of weeks!  It may be time to keep an eye out for when it swarms. That or cut it out & hive it. More will move in as usual.
This was in Feb.with the Flir one looking at the outside wall.
I'm able to take different heat/color patterns.

Taken Feb. 11th

                             The night shots don't have the outlines from the regular camera.

This was taken Feb.15th

The next shots were taken today. April 7th
The comb is over six feet long now.

I can cut the drywall from inside in a small closet, but it will be a little cramped and the house will probably have a lot of bees flying around for a while which won't bother me, but the wife & dog may complain. :-).


  1. Drywall is a far easier fix, though.

  2. Fascinating project. Nothing but sparrows, mice and voles trying to move in here.

  3. Quite fascinating. I had yellow wasps nesting in my porch attic last summer. I eventually sucked them all into the vacuum cleaner. The nest was inaccessible so I just picked them up as the flew in or out of the metal fascia.

  4. I wish I could take thermal pics like yours and see how big the feral hive in my barn as gotten before I try to rip down the wall and move them.