Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th

View from our porch at 6am the other day, taken by my better half on a cell phone. Best viewed large by clicking  on it.

Wish I were home. Only two more weeks of proton therapy and I will be. It's been a long couple of months. I strongly urge everyone 45 years old and up, to get regular PSA tests. This is no vacation, but the alteratives are worse.
(Thought I'd try a post using the phone)


  1. Hope the next two weeks pass quickly somehow. Beautiful view!

  2. Nothing sweet as morning light. Whole day ahead. Many more to you.

    1. Many thanks! And many more for you as well.

  3. I see why the hay bleaches out so much. Fog is like rain. Hope I'm done with hay by the time you get back. Painfully slow progress. Rain on the way.