Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elderly man left at dog track!

PORTLAND - An 82-year-old Alzheimer's patient who was dumped at an Idaho dog track in the midst of a state investigation of his finances has been returned to the safety of a Portland nursing home.
You heard it here first folks! (well second or maybe third) I just had to post this as either my good friend over in the next valley is getting a little fuzzy, this poor guy has been at the track for a while,or this has happened before. Jail won't help the fiend that did this, and I don't want my taxes to support him or her. I suggest that they be put to work in the nursing home as an orderly on diaper duty. Let the punishment fit the crime.
Which brings up another thing: Is there a reason we can't put the incarcerated to work so as to pay for their keep? I believe that was the way things were done in some states in the past, and to my knowledge, few today.
I'm afraid to even look up the current statistics of jail cell population. Too many people there that shouldn't be, and too many that belong there and should be pulling their weight. Lots of reforming needs to be done in our prison system.


  1. It's so shameful to hear of such as this..I agree..jail time is to good for him..Susie

  2. It has happened before. But I can't remember when. But then neither did the old fellow at the dog track..

  3. Budde.....Dad's still in the shop right?