Saturday, February 11, 2012

For Sale! Cheap old wardrobe from our farm house

We are cleaning up and making space in the farm house and I have posted this ad on  Craig's list.

Cheap old wardrobe from our 1800's farm house. This isn't as old as the house, and was far from high-end when it was new.
$45.00. Please haul this thing away before my wife makes me keep it.
Very pink. If you like pink, then this is for you.
My wife tells me it is all wood! (no big deal, it's plywood)
It is mauve, not pink.
This makes it much more valuable I'm sure.
None the less, be aware that I heat with wood.
67" tall, 301/4" wide, 21" deep.
Location: McMinnville
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

I  don't see anyone actually paying for this, but if anyone calls, it should make for an entertaining moment.


  1. Wow! Five requests for it & it's gone!

    1. That is because an undamaged old pink wardrobe with real plywood is worth a lot more than $45. It will very likely be resold for a healthy profit.

  2. It was 1/8" plywood, the bottom fell out, it smelled of mice, and the hardware was from the dime store and still shiny. It probably wasn't older than any of the cars I drive. She won't be re-selling it for a profit. It looked better in the ad than it was.