Sunday, February 19, 2012

Innocent American imprisoned in Nicaragua

As a former Peace Corps volunteer and American citizen, this case really pisses me off.   The sad fact is that no matter how obviously innocent a person may be, if an American citizen gets convicted of a crime in a foreign country, our embassy there, not to mention our country, will not do anything to help. The embassy exists to serve the needs of the the big corporations, and pity the poor soul that becomes the object of some third world witch hunt. The fact that this gentleman served his country for at least two years for little or no pay and little gratitude seems to mean nothing to our political leaders.

He's guilty because he looks guilty and nothing more.  In some places, it's a crime to be successful, I think that was his mistake.

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  1. Guilty of being American and guilty of being successful in a place where there is animosity and envy toward anyone who is too successful and you are assumed guilty unless you can prove your innocence. It will be that way here if we keep going the way we are.