Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's not a safe!

It seems it's called a "money chest".  I consulted an expert and collector, and he was very helpful.
Money chests were designed to be burglar proof. This one has a stepped key around the door to prevent nitroglycerine from being inserted to blow the door off. It's other attribute making it burglar proof is that it weighs somewhere around 900lbs. or more. It was probably made in the 1880's by Joseph Hall and was a high grade, or top of the line.
I still have to get it off of the cart somehow and on a platform against the wall.  Then I can try the combination and see if it works. I sure hope after all this work that it does! If not, then I guess I'll have to try & fix it.


  1. I thought you said, "a couple hundred pounds." No wonder it was putting dents in the hardwood floor!
    We loaded 900lbs with a couple bumper jacks and 2x4"s? @#$%^&*(!!!!

  2. Gee Budde.....A car weighs more than that and we had Two count them (2) jacks! I've seen you split a tractor in half with little more than that. This wasn't dangerous, it was safe.