Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Werner Herzog

I'm a big fan of Werner Herzog and his movies. Here is his take on chickens. I found this pretty funny.    Now, gazing into the eyes of a cow and seeing a lack of intelligence I can see, but while I am no fan of chickens either as pets or food, I understand from watching a PBS show that there are people that treat them like house pets.
I think I can agree with him.


  1. Enough of chickens as a lad that I've long studied avoidance of ownership and consumption. But which species has been here longer and given global warming and the warbling of Cowboy Ledge will likely outlast the other? Cheers, Werner, we're goners.

  2. Chickens Poop a lot. I don't think they would make good house pets. I like them fried. Especially when they are hacked into pieces rolled in flour and cooked in a cast iron skillet. And when there is mashed potatoes and gravy involved. And green beans. Not rubbery beans but beans that are cooked until they slightly mushy and have bacon with them. And brown and serve rolls.
    Now I forgot the point of my reply...
    I think collieguy insulted my love of fine music. You know that Rek-o-kut and tube amplifier would add a certain warmth to the warbling of the Legendary Stardust cowboy. Perhaps you could stop by and we could tap the admiral whilst enjoying "standing in a trashcan thinking of you?"

  3. collieguy: Chicken is another word for meek.

    Budde: A song no doubt inspired by the odors and comforting surroundings enjoyed by the Ledge while dumpster dining. I meant diving, but thought I'd leave the misspell as it was apt.
    Come to think of it, perhaps we have discovered the origin of all his "yowlings".