Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cleared the over-flow and beaver hats

I just realized that we can change the size of these photos after a left click. Pretty neat!

And, with the help from a good friend in Salem, and twenty gallons of diesel,

With luck, this will get the level below the breach and with the demise of enough beavers , keep it that way until the summer when we can repair the dam.
I did get a shot at one while John was digging, but it was a long one for the Marlin Golden Mountie.
Perhaps he'll come up today alive or deceased. I've been researching on how to make felt, and hats. It would be nice to try to make a fedora out of these floppy tailed rats. If anyone wants to buy me this little track hoe, it's for sale & I really could put it to good use. 


  1. Hope the war on beavers is not taking place too close to any prevailing winds toward your house. My experience with fat beaver carcasses and summer sun suggests there may be no stench more foul. Worse than catfish bait.

    1. It blows away from me. It's still cool out, and we have lots of black bears around.