Sunday, March 18, 2012

An ethnic joke?

A month after Donald MacDonald started at Harvard, his mother called from Scotland. "And how are the American students, Donald?" she asked.
"They’re so noisy," he complained. "One neighbor endlessly bangs his head against the wall, while another screams all night."
"How do you put up with it?"
"I just ignore them and play my bagpipes."
My apologies to any Scots or pipers out there. This joke came to mind because my pup Daisy, starts to howl any time I drag out the trombone and attempt to play along with a jazz album. She is probably right.

Daisy hunting voles. She caught one once & thinks she will again.


  1. Brave lad! Stout lad! The trombone!! I still have the Olds Recorder I carried when I got into every band, swing band, jazz group and contest that a small town in Iowa offered. And it's come to by the fiddle and the open back banjo and annoying upstanding folks with the dijeridu. At least I still have use of the pedal tone. Roll over Jack Teagarden.

    Seems like cats would make ethnic jokes about dogs who are fixated on voles. Our cats kill but don't eat them. Might be the musk glands make them about as attractive as skunk. They do bring them to us as gifts.

    1. Jack's one of my all time favorites. Along with Buddy Morrow, Vic Dickenson, Urbie Green, & George Masso.
      Pedal tone? It's still in my euphonium. My lip is toast.