Saturday, March 24, 2012

More beaver or maybe not!

My first experience as a beaver trapper ended poorly today when I checked the four traps I set out yesterday. Not one beaver. There were, however, tracks in the mud at the other end of the dam where I didn't set any. Oh well, I should probably give it more than one day. I sort of expected to see at least four caught this morning.
I'm pretty sure we set them correctly, it's a pretty big area and they probably just haven't found them yet.

Starting in on some small trees below the my dam.

The overflow beaver dam that started the war.

Here's a photo I took of some swimming around laughing at me earlier.

I've seen them on the bank & yes they are beaver, not nutria. Although I wouldn't be surprised to catch some nutria as I have in the past in other ponds here.


  1. You are having about the same luck trapping beaver as I am trying to trap that pesky rat that raids my chop bin at night. Maybe it is a bait problem. So far peanut butter, bacon grease, and raisins have not attracted it. For beaver you likely need a tasty piece of green poplar bark :-)

  2. They seem to like to eat apple trees. I'll try that.