Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mother Jones shocks and depresses me

I subscribed to Mother Jones back in the 60's (at least I think it was that far back), and stopped because the truth as printed was too depressing. Now somehow I find an issue in the mailbox, and I see that my action in the past was probably correct.  The cover page story is called: The Secret Hell of Online Shopping   or What happens when you click "place order"   I became a warehouse slave to find out.  This is way too much information. Is this really happening in America?  This is just one of the articles in the March-April issue that is shocking, but as I order my share of stuff online to save gas and time, it does take me a back that my convenience comes with a cost to some poor yahoo in the stockroom.
Read it if you want, but it's disturbing.
Now, morally, because of reading this one issue, I can't buy on-line, from WalMart, or purchase any more vitamins. And that's not mentioning all the articles.
I'll see how long that lasts.


  1. Thanks for messing up my huge money making amazon referral program

    1. I feel so guilty! I just wasn't thinking. I'm sure the multitude that read my blog will understand and still use your link anyway. I will make it up to you somehow. It is a good thing I bought this computer online before I read that article. And no, I bought it from Lenovo, not Amazon. None the less, it probably stressed out some picker somewhere.