Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Metregon

The JBL Metregon from my late father's estate.

I'll get some more photos up later. This classic is in beautiful shape. It has never been played above quiet, classical, listening level, the back has never been opened, was purchased new by my father, and has none of the chips and dings that the beat up Metregon that just sold on eBay had.  Except for a few small scratches on the top that you have to look for, this one's pretty minty. Wow, are they really that rare? Maybe it will return to Japan. When I sell it, I'm hoping to turn my share into partial payment for a small track hoe, dozer, tractor, fence post pounder, or other such foolishness. I know Budde would like to see it sitting in his living room, but then his wife would probably leave him and he would also probably ruin it by playing the Ledge on it.
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  1. Sold to a very nice gentleman from New York, who flew here to pick it up.