Friday, March 9, 2012

Rare Earth Magnets

I'm a big fan of rare earth magnets. I bought a bunch of them in different sizes. They are really useful.
I stick the nickel size magnets in various places in my farm Jeep to hold tools. One on the dash holds a pair of pruning clippers, and another a pair of fence pliers. I have some smaller ones to keep the shower curtain in place around the cast iron tub.  Need to hide a car or key? A little J&B Weld glues a magnet to the key and it will never fall off, and you can hide it in places no other container or piece of wire will work.
These things are way more powerful than they look. The fence pliers are pretty heavy, and stuck vertically on the dash, they don't budge.
I happened to see this magnet for sale on eBay.  "Antipodal Rare Earth 700 Pound Huge Monster Neodymium Super Magnet" This is one humongous magnet! They get stronger as they get larger, and if a couple of small one can draw blood if they get too close together and pinch you, I can only imagine the power of this baby!
 The first thing that crossed my mind was.......What if it got too close to the side of the semi trailer & got stuck? How would you ever get it off?


  1. Some semi truck trailers are made of aluminum.
    i like magnets also

  2. Well I will admit that I had to look up on wikipedia just what a rare earth magnet is. As a kid I was fascinated by magnets. Seeing the old iron filings on paper with a magnet underneath trick was almost magic. Simple things for this simple mind..

    1. Ralph: I'm still fascinated by them. One of these the size of a button on top of your hand will hold another against your palm. They sell them on eBay. I've just never grown up I guess. :-)

  3. So if you picked something up with that magnet how would you release it? Or how would you get it out of you pickup? Or, if you were driving out of a parking lot the correct way would it magnetically raise the tire pokey things and blow out your tires?
    If you had it shipped how would you get the pallet off the forklift?
    Would it attract migrating birds?
    Or aliens?

  4. Budde: With such a wonderful magnet you don't worry about things like that. It's purpose is just to be all powerful. We could start a new religion! Do you know that the little ones are so powerful that if you drop one down a copper pipe, it floats slowly down to the bottom. That's kind of magical.
    McMinnville could always use a few more aliens. It's just good business! We will sell them wine and bicycles.
    I am sure that it is alien technology.
    The proper use of tinfoil hats for each bird will filter out any adverse effects.