Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still no beavers wanting to become hats!

Yet another day with nothing in the traps. I think they are all busy building their dam at the base of mine (after pretty much ruining mine), and haven't even had the time to try to rebuild the dam they made across my overflow ditch.

That's a good thing. Perhaps I should move the traps. There is still water flowing through the breach, but it seems to be the same amount each day, and most of the water is bypassing the dam via the overflow.
None the less, I have been reading up on how to make felt and hats.

Daisy's upset with the beavers too!


  1. I wanted to come visit but it was raining...

  2. Taking orders for felt fedoras? Finest style for banjo players curb to hall and points between.

    1. Is there any other kind of hat? You may want to wait awhile until you see the first one. :-)