Monday, September 28, 2015

The blood moon total eclipse last night

I wasn't sure I was going top be able to see the eclipse because of the hill to the east, but it rose up at about when the eclipse went total. Not knowing what I was doing camera wise didn't help for the first 40 or so pretty blurry exposures. At the last minute, I realized I needed a shorter exposure speed, and needed to lock the mirror up & use a remote trigger.  I figure I'll have the technique down in time for the next one in 2033.
They look better when you click on them. You can see the stars too.

Later on...

Still later......


  1. That third shot with the bee is amazing! You need to enter that one somewhere, photo contest, county fair for sure. Very nice

  2. Thank you kindly! The moon needed something in the fore ground!

  3. Nice work. Especially the one with the bee. I failed to get any decent photos of the eclipse.

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