Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When will they ever learn? Libya?

Well, once again a bunch of religious fanatics get all worked up, riot, and end up killing someone that, if they had thought about it, was probably one of the few Americans they admired. When will they learn? I'm not talking about the idiots rioting, I'm talking about our government and our policies overseas. We need to just get out of the middle east at any cost. It could not possibly cost as much as what our succession of wars is costing us, or near as much as the price of the panic continuing to this day from the 911 atrocity. The fact of the matter is, that people, especially poor, oppressed, heavily religious and fanatical, resent any kind of outside interference in their affairs. Think about it. How would we feel if someone landed armed troops on our soil (for our own good), and did their best to switch our form or government to theirs?
All the countries that we "donated" food and munitions to, welcomed us initially, as it is human nature to take what is offered when it appears to be free, whether or not they feel a need for it. Instead of "teaching them to fish". our offerings are perceived as  "charity" and are then resented. It is all too easy for an oppressed hungry person to resent the man (or country) who seemingly has it all. Sort of like the pusher & the addict. The welfare recipient and the government supplier. Dependence builds resentment.  What they forget, is that nothing is ever really free. There is always a catch.
If we had worked on becoming energy independent instead of meddling in foreign politics and using gifts of money, food and munitions to seduce the third world countries in order to have access to their seemingly cheap supply of oil, we would not be fighting the religious war that we have now found ourselves in. The cost is mind boggling and staggering. Our country is becoming bankrupt. This is not a war we can win if we continue to fight it. Remember the Alamo? Hell, remember Viet Nam.
Lets take care of our own country for a change, & let the rest of the worlds countries  manage their own affairs. If we had given as a low interest loan the trillions our overseas policies have and will continue to cost us, our economy might be in a better position.
Rant over.
Sorry about that.
I should be posting about the fine work the US Fish & Wildlife folks have been doing here. The dam has been saved!

Coming soon.

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  1. Religious fanaticism and intolerance is part of where we came from. The Piuritans were not exactly kind to the natives, or snyone who didn't subscribe to their own narrative. If we don't teach our young to think for themselves, seems the rising tides of poverty and populist reactionary religious trends bid to put us in the same kind of mess as our middle eastern friends.

    Glad the bnatural goodlife hasn't gone radio silent. Thought maybe those beavers had got wind of the fedora project and there'd been a coup.