Thursday, January 17, 2013

beaver and elk

This was a few weeks ago, but I thought it was an interesting photo of a couple of cows in the air.  

I got some videos of the herd off of one of the cameras today, but they are mostly washed out  night time shots of some bulls snorting, licking, and blowing on the camera. It is not the camera with the "black" infrared flash, and they are attracted to it, especially when the camera is set for video, as the flash is then on for a long time.

This is a small dam they have started on the overflow ditch to the second pond. They built it last night.  I tore it out today. The rock on the left is almost the size of my head. The last dam they built here was full of these rocks. I think they add them to hold down things as they are building. I haven't had any luck with my traps and snares yet. I'm still learning and they are staying ahead of me, except for one small beaver I found floating dead in the last dam they started. I don't know what killed him, it wasn't me. So far the water has stayed down below the hole they made in my dam, thanks to the US Fish & Wildlife folks that brought a track hoe and cleaned out the over flow ditch. As long as I keep clearing the beaver's construction projects, I think my dam will hold until summer when we can repair it. All this help is due to the pond turtle population here. 


  1. Lucky for you having those turtles. I have to take care of beaver population control myself (or at least enlist others) to keep them down to a manageable level. A few dry summers would make a difference too but lately we never run out of runoff water to keep the beaver dams supplied. Does that USFW mean "Unsafe for work"? :-)

  2. That is a very nice picture.. The Beaver population has taken over our little creek.. They are hard to stop, once they start.. Hope you have a nice evening.