Saturday, May 4, 2013

The NRA Store

I sent this in reply to these items they are selling in the NRA store. 

Are the following items for sale really sending the message we wish to deliver to the public? Why not leave these things to the shopping channel who sell “collectable” knives that would only appeal to some introverted, video-game addicted, 13 y/o child.
I am disappointed and somewhat disgusted.
McMinnville, Or
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NRA cert. instructor rifle,pistol,shotgun
Described in the email ad I received as: "The ultimate Rambo Knife"

NRA Lacerator Survival Machete  NRA Lacerator Survival Machete
“Delicate dissection” ? Of what? An Elephant?  

NRA Dark Ops Vendetta Karambit Knife
The “karambit” style fighting knife dates back to eleventh century. Originally designed as a farming tool, its subsequent evolution into a sophisticated fighting implement makes it uniquely suited for both daily carry and self-defense. A hallmark of this style is its integral finger loop – a remarkable safety feature which prevents the blade from slipping or being stripped from your hand”

Yep! We all need these for that potential fight when we run out of ammo.
This also kind of sends the wrong message. 
Entitled:             "Open your next round with this".

However, since the people most likely to buy these probably drink the cheaper brands with the more convenient twist off caps, they probably aren't selling well.
It kind of brings to mind the drunken good ole boys out hunting image. 
While I support the NRA, they have been getting a little carried away lately. Granted,it is possible that the extremism was necessary to make a point, get media attention, and garner support for our civil rights,  but logic should prevail and the above items "do not compute." At least to me. 
I miss the days when the purpose and goal of the NRA was an emphasis on education and gun safety.

I suppose now I will be blacklisted.  :-)


  1. YOu are already on the Gun Blog Black List...


  2. We peasants prone to rise up with our pitchforks, scythes and farming tools wants to be part of this heeyar nashnul debate. Walt Kelly! Where are you!? Folks this side of the grave take ourselves way too seriously. Tell it to 'em, MV.

  3. I am happy to say that someone in NRAdom may have read my post. If you click on their link above, the "Lacerator" has been renamed!

  4. And no mention of "delicate" dissection. :-)