Saturday, February 8, 2014


Something poetic in the skeletal look of this orchard ladder in winter. Like the bones of last year's harvest, the meat tucked safely in jars on the shelf and in the freezer.

Nobody home here. Or they haven't gotten up yet.

A comment on the weather. 

Daisy in front of the barn. 

Some scrap metal. Somewhat sanitized by Mother Nature.

Maybe walls next year?

The ramp into the basement. I think I brought enough wood down before it snowed. The last time my feet went out from under me bringing a load down, it took a year before my tail bone stopped hurting. I did add gravel after that, but I'm playing it safe.

No refresh on the furnace yet, some smoke would have looked better. I'd take another picture, but it's snowing pretty hard now.

I brushed the snow away from the entrance for them.

It has warmed up to 28* and has been rising all morning. Of course right after I took these pictures it started snowing again, adding to what fell last night. 


  1. Although your pictures of snow look nice I could quite happily do without any coming this year!
    That sounded like a painful fall! Slipping like that isn't fun. I remember working in a customers cellar when it was snowing and it was so slick we went and used their table salt to melt the ice!

  2. Very picturesque, but that wet snow can be hard to deal with. Especially on top of ice. Ours is so cold and dry at these cold temps that it literally blows like dust in the wind forming great dunes and banks. We are a little short on snow this winter but thats ok.

  3. It would be nice if it would all go away. I am ready for warmer weather.

  4. We got a good couple of inches last night too and it's doing something outside now. Grrrr.

  5. Love the pictures. Snow has a way of cleaning things, a breath of fresh air if you will.

  6. I love your pics but I want spring. lol.