Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A bald eagle visits

This is pretty cool! The eagle flew down and made a pass over one of the ponds, then sat in an oak for a while. Then it reversed and did the same thing in the other direction. There were a couple of angry geese that it might have  have been interested in, but it more likely was the dead goose we found just up from where the beavers had dammed the overflow for he pond. Which I cleaned out. As soon as I pulled the goose out of the water a couple of vultures showed up & sat in the tree the eagle had left. Pretty poor photos, because the wife only had the point & shoot. I cropped it pretty severely.

See him?

Removing the dam on the side overflow ditch, as it is the water is pouring through the hole the beavers have made in the center of the dam. This will lower the water back below the breach. A temporary fix.
 The beaver had included an old fence post and probably a couple hundred pounds of 4 & 5lb rocks. One or two really heavy rocks they somehow managed to get in there to hold the big stuff down.


  1. I saw 3 mature baldies and a juvenile the other day munching on something down the road. Seen more bald eagles this year than ever before around here.

    1. It was a first for us here, and very close to the house.It would really be cool if it builds a nest here.