Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Bees

The bees got some flying in after it warmed up to 51* today. The pears are all blooming, apples are starting as are the cherries. They seem to prefer the pear blossoms.

They look better enlarged, so click on one.

Getting some plum sap or just taking a break.

Andreninae (Mining Bees)


  1. My Peaches are blooming and I noticed the Bradford Pears are blooming down the road a mile or two but this has been a late bloom year. Things need to kick into gear before I lose another hive to starvation.

  2. I miss having bees, but I'd never find a bee suit in my size now! lol

  3. The buzzing of the bees in the cigarette trees by the soda water fountain?