Saturday, June 20, 2015

Honey bees in the walls & hives and FLIR

A good friend lent me his FLIR camera. They are pretty cool. The lighter colors are the hottest.
These were all taken in the daytime.
The feral hive in the wall on the second floor to the right of the window. There have been bees there as long as I can remember. 

The first cutout hived from the horse barn on the right, Three deeps and a western. and a hive from a swarm on the left.

An overwintered hive three deeps of bees and three supers on top.

A feral hive behind some board & batten in my barn. I may hive them and keep that spot for a swarm trap, as it always has bees.

This was the third hive we cut out from the horse barn. 


  1. That is a handy tool to have especially for bee keepers. You could see how big your winter ball is inside the hive too... Man I want one.

    1. Indeed! It even lit up individual bees flying when I pointed it at the front of the hive. Not cheap though, but could pay for itself if properly rationalized. This one is a FLIR E4.