Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The swarm trap that survived winter

Had a pleasant surprise when I got the Jeep running again with a new battery. The Swarm trap is still full of bees.
Granted winter was mild here, but it rained constantly. These bees loaded up on the blackberries last year and are doing well. I left it up as I had enough to do and thought it might be interesting to see if they would survive without my interference or feeding. I checked it off and on with the Flir one & it always showed a good heat signature. One of my hives is weak & if it doesn't make it that's where these ladies are going. It's hung on an oak in a somewhat sheltered place with late morning sun when it makes it over the hill to the East. The entrance is to the North, but the winds come up my valley to the North so I guess they didn't mind. There is a small piece of 1/4" screen over the entrance hole to keep varmints & birds out. It holds six deep frames & I used one old brood comb & some old empty frames.

Lots of pollen coming in.


  1. Nice. I might be inclined to leave em there. A small box like that would more than likely start kicking out it's own swarms often this year.

    1. I may do that. It looks to be an early swarm season.

  2. I should study at that. Bees around here are under assault.

  3. Very nice. We've had a rough winter and it doesn't want to let up. Hope they continue to do good for you. Thanks for the comments on mine.