Monday, April 2, 2012

Money on the highway

So it has happened again. This time a tractor trailer crashing and spilling millions of dollars in coins. The headlines:  "Brinks crash spills millions in coins"  Unlike this other crash last month  "a snow globe of cash.",
in which some thirty cars stopped to grab what they could, sanity prevailed, despite the ground being covered with millions of coins to the point of needing a front end loader to pick them up,  I wonder why? Was it the Canadian ethics, the fact that there were injuries, or simply that coins are heavy and not as portable as bulls? The truck in Maryland didn't crash, and simply dumped the money. What are the thoughts that went through the minds of the people that stopped to grab what they could? Surely they knew that the money wasn't theirs. I'll bet that if any one of them were to lose his or her wallet and some passer by found it and kept the money, their sense of justice would return. What's with our sense of morality today? Gorges Grouse hit the nail on the head today!

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