Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh Horrors! It's Octomom again.

And if Mad Cow disease in California wasn't enough, the Octomom, owner of the worlds largest uterus, is going to star in a horror film where she has a demon baby. Is this perfect casting or what? While I've enjoyed a really bad (old) horror movie on TV once and a while for the sake of it's bad acting and obvious plot, this is one I plan on never seeing.  The thought of even glancing at her home videos makes me cringe.
How low can the movie industry go?


  1. They could do a reality show staring me...

  2. There is not much reality in today's "reality shows". Although I think I might watch the "Real Lazy Farmer" if it was on tv. :=)

  3. I tune in to The Lazy Farmer on a regular basis. That is more of a reality show than a horror picture. Although the mud monster certainly plays a part.