Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thomas Kinkade, Artist to Mass Market, Dies at 54

I was just talking to a friend about Mr. Kinkade. Here is a man who made millions annually with his "art". While there are talented artists by the hundreds if not thousands that we will never hear about, and who produce really fine works, how is it that these mass produced works have sold so well? Perhaps it is because he sells to the 'common' man. The Home Shopping network played a big part. In any case, he was a marketing genius.  MATT FLEGENHEIMER of the New York Times says it really well.

While I have thousands of people view my art every week, Mostly on Sundays and they are somewhat of a captive audience, I never was able to get wealthy  from any of it. But no sour grapes here, I avoided the personal problems that plagued Mr Kinkade and am more than satisfied with my life. I was never much good at marketing and only did commissioned work.

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