Sunday, December 25, 2011

The first post!

Well, it happened. I have a follower!  Considering that up until now I have managed to resist posting anything as a matter of policy, perhaps I should not be doing this. It is entirely possible that my follower is only following because I have no posts and he finds that refreshing.  Probably best I leave this to the experts such as "the lazy Farmer" since I don't even know how to insert a link.
The wife is in Florida with he Dad who fell & broke his hip & that leaves me & Daisy the pound hound here alone for Christmas. I would name this blog The Yamhill Valley Wine , but Budde does it so much better!
Merry Christmas Bobby!


  1. I feel quite sad that you are setting alone on Christmas with only the dog for company and various drunken neighbors hunting elk out of season.
    I would invite you to our house but we are setting around in our underwear watching the Hogan's Hero's DVD collection my daughter got for her birthday. After lunch we are going to listen to the Legendary Stardust cowboy and you are welcome to stop by then!
    Congratulations on your first follower!

  2. Don't be. I oft enjoy solitude and it enables me to take care of the poachers with no witnesses.
    I'll be heading over to my brother's house at 2:00 to eat with them. Daisy will stay here. I'll tell her she can head over your way if she wants.

  3. EAA? Been to the profile and back. Must not have tried to build one yet as I see you are still married. Any advice on dealing with road trappers? Mac the cat lost a couple joints of his rather elegant tail trying to get out of a snare this fall. Nobody's poached, shot, or otherwise harassed elk in these parts since about 1857.

  4. Collieguy. I built one. It happened in the 7 or so years between brides. Traded it for an Interstate Cadet S1-a. The new wife has her PPL.
    No advise on trappers. The cat was lucky.