Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Armed 15yo shot by police.

"he brandished a weapon"  Could mean anything.
If they would just teach the police how to shoot, the kid would be alive still. Most of these guys pull their gun out only to qualify once a year. It seems that every time there is an officer involved shooting enough shots are fired to empty a 16 round clip or two and maybe one shot hits the "bad guy". Do they have to shoot to kill? Well, the side of the barn is pretty bug, and shooting an arm or leg would be the equivalent of getting a shot through the door.   On the other hand, perhaps there is more to it. But I doubt it.


  1. I remember discussions about the difference between WWII and Vietnam. In WWII we trained riflemen. Many already knew how to shoot. They only carried a few magazines. The number of rounds expended to produce a hit was minimal compared to Vietnam where the issue was suppression rather than target acquisition. Add the influence of the modern media and you get the drunk cowboy approach.

    The Lazy Farmer quotes you so much that I am hoping you will post more.

    Grace and peace.

  2. Yes, and there are also far too many untrained idiots with guns in the general population as well. Now, to add to the poor Amish girl with a bullet in her head, there is another incidence of someone firing a shot in the air and it's finding someones brain. I am an NRA instructor, and am a believer in the right to own firearms, but there are too many "red necks" out there without the slightest understanding of gun safety. I could go on & on.....