Sunday, December 23, 2012

Texas School allows teachers to carry concealed

Texas town allows teachers to carry concealed guns

I'm guessing they won't have any suicidal crazies showing up to make some kind of insane point in Harrold, Texas. They will look for a place with less risk of someone shooting back. I'm also guessing that if the news media played these atrocities down, there would be less incentive  for the perpetrators to follow through with their delusions of grandeur.

""We don't have money for a security guard, but this is a better solution," Superintendent David Thweatt said. "A shooter could take out a guard or officer with a visible, holstered weapon, but our teachers have master's degrees, are older and have had extensive training. And their guns are hidden. We can protect our children."
In the awful aftermath of last week's Connecticut elementary school shooting, lawmakers in a growing number of states - including Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota and Oregon - have said they will consider laws allowing teachers and school administrators to carry firearms at school."

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