Thursday, December 20, 2012

The elk are still here

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I set up a camera to see if I could catch the beaver re-building the dam that I tore out. He had built it on the overflow of my second dam and it had raised the water level so high it was failing. These guys were on the way up the hill after having knocked down a portion of fence causing another "cow leak" into the North field.
So far no beavers, but the elk were on all three cameras. This one was set up to make a video recording.
I do have a tag, but we still have meat in the freezer, and somehow I don't feel the need to get up early and enjoy the cold, damp weather and all the work it would entail. Chasing cattle and mending fences will still have to be done. One less elk won't make a difference.


  1. Wow, that is a bunuch of elk. I will have to try the video feature on my Bushnell some time. Not sure if the batteries would handle the cold now though.

  2. I use the accessory plug with a sealed 6v 3" or 4" battery plugged in.I keep four AA's in them to hold the memory. It's cost effective in the long run. They last forever before needing a charge & seem to work ok in the cold. Although it gets a lot colder where you are.
    PS: Make sure the wires that run to the battery compartment don't get pinched. I melted two cameras that way. I was able to re-wire them, but the battery trays were pretty melted.