Monday, March 20, 2017

The No.6 Traxcavator and some more backyard elk.

We got the No.6 Traxcavator running today!
(kinda large file of it running) Sorry, making it smaller is beyond my pay scale.

It's been a few years & it resented the neglect. We donated it to the Yamhill Historical Society and thought it would make a better gift if they could somehow load it up on something as opposed to cutting it into many pieces. It weighs over fourteen and a half tons, so it pretty much has to move under it's own power to get to the road. Hopefully it won't sink in the Lazy Farmer's hay field on the way there.


  1. The old Cat gets around pretty well. I think the lazy farmer needs one of those.

  2. Boy, I could really use one of those for about six months!

    1. Unfortunately, it's not much good for anything other than loading rocks, and it doesn't work well as a dozer. While yellow, it's a bit of a white elephant.

  3. I think you should dig more ponds with it.