Sunday, June 16, 2013

More deer on the Game cam.

We took the Jeep to cut some Broom that I knew had been missed by the machine and I thought I might as well pull a couple of camera cards, even though they had only been in the cameras a couple of days.        The bucks are growing some nice antlers this year!
As usual, click on the photo for full size.

Stretched  image from his motion. This guy with the antler laying down over his right eye shows up every year. 
It doesn't seem to affect him. He looks healthy.

The next couple of photos are of a doe & her twins. Last week I came across them in the trail on the way up the hill but I didn't have my camera. This tim,e I did, but by the time I switched from the macro lens to the 200mm they were off the road and on the way up the hill. Maybe next time I'll get a better photo.


  1. Nice scenery . Your buck's antlers look a little more advanced than ours here. I have a few night time shots with raccoon and deer in the same frame.

    1. They all use the same game trails, but I rarely see more than one species in the same photo. A little corn might help. :-)

  2. Those are some very nice pics. I like to see the buck's in velvet.