Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scotch Broom

I hired John Dalke to do some Broom mowing. It went so well I did three days worth. He did an excellent job. There are still patches, some he couldn't get to with his machine, but the worst is gone. I can borrow a small sprayer from Budde with a  boom that I can tow behind the jeep and spot spray the places he mowed. There are still small sprouts that survived the mowing, and places where he couldn't get the machine. As usual, click on the photos to enlarge them.
On one of the the hills
In the woods 
 There was a lot of Scotch Broom!

I found a new variety of some kind of mustard the other day.  The flowers are macro if not microscopic. The closest we can get on an I.D. is Descurainia (incana I think), but it doesn’t quite match any of the variations of Descurainia I can find.  My friend Jake  is helping me.  Always something new here.

Descurainia incana (?)

 Each flower in the cluster is maybe 1 to 2mm   (That is a small ant I didn't see when I took the macro photo)                                                                 

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