Saturday, June 22, 2013

A nice couple of days with good weather, family, deer, honey bees, and things to photograph.

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The barn bees swarmed and I didn't have a hive ready. They were low and easy to get at too. 

Wildflower, A Lilly.  Brodiaea terrestris
(with tiny ants)

I pretty sure it's our native rhodie.  Rhododendron macrophyllum . Not spurge laurel (Daphne laureola), which is an invasive plant and looks similar to me when it's not flowering. 
Me, Daisy & my sister

Had to cut that Scotch Broom seedling!

Getting a camera card.

Daisy had fun as usual.

The wood duck nest box with a red shafted flicker borrowing it.

Schizophyllum commune. Each about the size of a quarter. It is the world's most widely distributed and the most studied mushroom in the world, occurring on every continent except Antarctica. Growing on a fallen oak.

Doe & faun

they seem to like this spot, as they are here just about every day.

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