Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bears & Yellowjacket nests & Trespassers & elk

Every now and then I'll see a yellowjacket nest that a bear has started to uncover. They dig it out enough to disturb the wasps, then return the a time or two to dig out some of the grubs to eat. He or she have been back a few times to this one.

A couple of times I have set up a game camera to catch it when it returns.

There was an undisturbed nest close to the uncovered nest, so I remembered to bring the camera this time.

These were some pictures the camera took in the past.

Sometime it takes photos of other things:

This time it was a trespasser hunting

He walked right by the camera without seeing it because he was looking at this deer. Note the time stamp.

This guy showed up later

As did these fellows


  1. A dog, a human, a Jeep, a mission. In a dog's mind, what could be finer? Handsome pup.

    All that camo and then the guy straps on a deer blinder watch.

    1. It doesn't get much better, & she gets to bury sticks & chase small animals that she will never catch. She's pretty good about staying in the Jeep when we see a big one.