Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hot dogs

Hot dogs, more than you ever wanted to know.  


Why I don't eat hot dogs.

This is all stuff nobody in their right mind would buy if it weren't repackaged as "hot dogs"


  1. I refuse to watch! I still like hot dogs!

  2. Me too. I'll often have a microwaved weiner on toast as a midnight snack and I really don't want to know if there is anything too gruesome in there besides salt and fat.
    Chicken lips????? What, no pigs wings?

  3. Actually there was nothing gruesome in the way of "parts" in the video - that could be identified that is.
    I guess ignorance can be bliss.
    Personally, I prefer to get my sausage shaped items from my butcher from meat I supplied him. I probably should not watch him, but he doesn't crank out 300,000/ hour either.