Friday, October 19, 2012

deer, Roosevelt elk and bears. Game cam photos

Well, I set the camera up on the wasp nest for the bear and he returned. The problem is that the second nest was too far away for the infrared flash. He only showed up at night, but I got some nice photos of him eating the apples I tossed there, a number of different deer, and our Muddy Valley resident elk herd. The camera took about 1,200 photos. I tossed a few hundred. Some just too dark at night, and a lot of close ups of elk hide. There was a series when an elk licked the lens which started out black and then fuzzy until the camera dried off. Also some blurry shots when the T-post I have the camera on was used as a back-scratcher.
The Lazy Farmer is probably not talking to me now as I emailed way too many photos to him and probably crashed his I.S.P. which is not the fastest, as we are on the fringes of modern civilization here.
If you click on one of the pictures, you can enlarge it. A neat feature I recently discovered.

There were several nice bulls

 He's looking at the wasp hole the bear dug up!

The time stamp says 14:55. I checked the camera at 15:15. They were probably watching me as I drove up in the jeep.


  1. You have more interesting animals than I do but I'll pass on the bears. Those game cams are fun and useful too. A local guy caught fuel thieves emptying the tank of his combine one night using one of these cameras.

  2. I want to see a game cam photo of the huge cougar I saw running across the middle field six or seven years ago. That was pretty exciting!
    The photos loaded while I was doing something else so I never found out if they stopped my internet.
    Probably prevented my wife from watching the current season of Downton Abbey which is only seen in the former Great Britain at this time.

  3. And look up your farm on Google Earth, they just updated us. I have got to remember not to scratch my arse when I'm in an open field. They really are watching us!

    1. I saw that! I was driving the Willys MB near one of the ponds when they shot the picture. Not only did I find myself, but I can count the cows in the field next barn.

  4. My area has been updated too with much better detail. I can narrow it down to the hour of the day they took the photo just from details I see in the yard but figure I must have been in the house when the picture was taken.