Friday, November 2, 2012

Gary Johnson

Sure, he doesn't have a chance of winning, this time at least. However, if he can swing just 5% of the vote, the libertarian party will have equal ballot access, and federal funding. With a three party system, more people will have heard of him and maybe the third party candidate will have a chance. So it is not a wasted vote to to vote for him as opposed to voting for the lessor of the two current evils offered by the Republican and Democratic parties.

"I get the thing all the time about a wasted vote," ... "Wasting your vote is voting for somebody you don't believe in. That's wasting your vote." G.Johnson


  1. Both parties will vilify the third party. They will gain no actual values or change any policies in response to a third party. They will perhaps target campaign ads to sway third party voters and may pay lip service to third parties but the long range goal is to eliminate anything other than the current shades of what is really a one party system.
    That being said... I cannot vote for Obamney. That is truly wasting my vote. Of course that philosophy is what got us Lincoln and the war of Northern Aggression...
    I attempted to convince scooterboy to vote for Gary Johnson but he drank the Koolaid years ago and not voting Democrat gives him an identity crisis.
    He asked me if my ancestors came from South of the Mason-Dixon line. I take that as a complement but I don't know why he said it.

  2. Until the whole system comes into the computer age where each vote is really a vote and we do away with the electoral college, this mess will continue. It would help to get a president who has as his agenda governmental reform. I see little of this in the two major parties.